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Originally I wanted to create a piece which would combine coloured yarn and bamboo sticks in order to create a minimal space which would allow/tempt viewers to try to enter my piece – thus relating to my chosen title “Space Within”. However, whilst considering this idea, I realised how difficult this would be to construct and thus I decided to settle with creating a more aesthetically pleasing abstract piece of work, which incorporates a bamboo human figure with coloured yarn wrapped around the whole piece. The gradual progression of my project allowed me to touch upon the racist undertones of today’s political arena, in addition to the damning effects of a negative media presence.

However backgrounds for these pictures play just as big a part as the actual outfit, streetwear pictures are obviously prominently shot in the ‘street’ this is done to follow the cool, informal fashion feel that streetwear is supposed to all be about. Within streetwear there are multiple influencers who have sky rocketed to stardom through there style and Aesthetic gaining hundreds of thousands of followers, and followers are exactly what they are. Where many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone, recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and the body acting together.

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This is specifically called biomimicry where scientists use nature as a form of inspiration for their designs. Some of the questions that came to mind when doing this project were why is it that nature seems to have all the answers and helps us so much with technological advances? Since nature is more complicated and has so many more mechanisms than the intelligent design inspired by it is there not a possibility for nature itself to be intelligently designed?

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Popular indirect measures are based on intensity variability, such as the coefficient of variation of white matter , the coefficient of variation of gray matter , and the coefficient of joint variation between white matter and gray matter . A common premise about the spatial intensity distribution in MR images is that the gray scale distribution of white matter and gray matter is somehow defined. Hence, an effective INU correction should theoretically restore the original intensity distribution amplitude, which was altered by the inhomogeneity field.

  • The recent funding to the University of New South Wales will be allocated to the Shiba Inu Open Source Intelligence or OSINT, a new initiative led by the Kirby Institute of UNSW.
  • When we extended our analysis on actual MR images to the whole KIRBY21 dataset, which was collected with a 3 T MR scanner, we could appreciate a very high stability of the configuration of input parameters selected by our data-driven method.
  • This could act as a great equalizer and even overcome the weaknesses of health systems and censorships.
  • My research led me to the similarities between violent and sexual language; how we use the same terms for both subjects, and how many words are defined as or used as specifically for referring to women.
  • Coefficient of joint variation results obtained using optimized and standard masks.

An animal that dies from the bag will decompose and the bag will be released, another animal could harmlessly fall victim and once again eat the same bag. I wanted to capture this issue in my project as I don’t think it is thought about enough and it is having a critical impact on our planet. My project is to show how stem cells have the ability to create different organs.

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Beautiful shiba boys available ready to leave have been vet checked had there first inoculations been flead wormed upto date will leave with food toys blankets and 5 week kc insurance viewings welcome anytime by video link or in person with no obligation to buy whatsoever… After seven games, 12 days, and countless twists and turns, this helter-skelter T20 tour of Pakistan ended in a 4-3 victory for England. Chris Woakes had Babar Azam caught at cover, and two balls later, Reece Topley bowled Mohammad Rizwan. In her work running the Shiba Rescue of Southern California, Jeri has come across many dogs abandoned for bad temperament that she explained were simply shibas being shibas, with the breed inhabiting a rough-and-tumble inquisitive natural state-of-being.

  • Our simulation results on both voxel-wise distance and matrix-to-matrix correlation revealed a larger accuracy of CJV compared to the other two, regardless of the spatial profile of the INU .
  • To this end, we adopted WM and GM probability maps provided by the MRI simulator.
  • To create a creative atmosphere and teach our generations how our creative skills can help the bees to survive.
  • We focus on T1-weighted images, which are the most commonly used images to investigate brain structure, and the ones typically affected by the INU.
  • GM and WM probability maps corresponding to each of the parameter configurations under investigation were estimated, and a subset of them was used to generate average WM and GM masks.
  • First of all, we extracted a realistic INU field map for the T1-w imaging modality, simulated using known spatial varying perturbation of the RF pulse flip angle (Kwan et al., 1999).

I also researched into different articles such as the social benefits of board games, how they are good for the mind and how there are making a comeback. I was inspired to create this game to reflect on some social groups, Not every group is perfect, there are friends that will deceive you and maybe you will even deceive them, this reflects our nature for survival, hence the idea of wild woodland animals who live only to survive. The Burberry jacket was by far my star piece, Originally grabbing it from a car boot for just £35. In the end i was able to sell it for £160 + £3 postage, meaning a huge £128 profit! To conclude my sales i wanted to work out how much profit i was able to bring in after a few charity shop visits and a photoshoot. I paid £39 for my 3 items in total (one of them costing the majority at £35) in the end i was able to make a profit of £179!

Words have on women and how being ‘catcalled’ and ‘wolf whistled’ does actually affect them mentally. The decayed flower is there to show the effects of physical sexual harassment/assault as this would affect women more as it is an invasion of their space and bodies. I feel very passionate about this project as 85% of women aged have experienced sexual harassment which is a very large percentage. The nine series of artwork was inspired by the small sample blocks I created when experimenting with dry paint. This formed an interesting texture and explored my title of Nature and The Elements.

MR data belonging to the different datasets were collected in compliance of the requirements set by the review ethical boards of the relevant institutions. Details on scanning parameters for the different datasets are provided in Table 1. First, we evaluated the CVWM, CVGM, and CJV in the identification of the optimized parameter configuration using simulated data with different INU magnitude and noise level.

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Thus, using the simulated data, we identified the RT value yielding the maximum mDSI value, and consistently used it in subsequent analyses on actual MR data. As such, representative WM and GM mask obtained with the identified RT value were considered optimized masks, and employed for the calculation of indirect metrics. It should be considered that actual MR images may be characterized by various noise levels and INU magnitudes. These may depend on the subject as well as on the acquisition hardware and sequence used.

The layering of the lines is complementary to my shadow installation, as bringing two systems together is the development of growing complexity. A more realistic representation of the natural world, where billions of systems are working together right now to create this very moment. Then once I had a general idea of how I want the automaton to look, I constructed early models experimenting with aspects of the robots design, making modifications and improvements to each version until the completed robot for the project.

Afterward, we binarized the WM and GM probability maps registered to MNI space using a threshold equal to 0.9 to minimize the contaminating effect of partial volume voxels. For each parameter configuration, we calculated the Dice Similarity Index between the registered and the SPM template masks for both WM and GM (Zou et al., 2004). The mean DSI for each parameter configuration was computed by averaging the two DSI values for WM and GM, respectively. After estimating the mDSI for each parameter configuration, we selected a relative amount of configurations that were characterized by the highest mDSIs. For both WM and GM, the probability maps belonging to the selected configurations were averaged together, and the average probability map was thresholded at 0.9 to generate a representative mask. We examined the mDSI of the representative WM and GM masks, obtained for RT ranging from 50 to 100% at intervals of 5%.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has called for a lifetime ban for the spectator who threw a banana at Richarlison during Brazil’s friendly win over Tunisia. Richarlison scored in the 5-1 win in Paris but saw a banana thrown onto the pitch during his goal celebrations. The following day, Richarlison called on football’s governing bodies to take firm and swift action against those responsible for the racist attack, with Thiago Silva among the players offering their support.

We identified the CJV as the most accurate one, as long as the noise level in the INU-corrected image was controlled by means of spatial smoothing. Based on the CJV, we developed a data-driven approach aiding the selection of the parameters to be used for an accurate inhomogeneity correction in actual MR images. Our findings suggest that it is possible to tailor the parameter configuration of the INU correction algorithm based on the characteristics of the MR image to be processed, leading to a substantial improvement compared to the default parameter configuration. The data-driven approach described here may contribute to address this problem by optimizing the performance of any given INU correction algorithm.

Board games are a great way to get to know people, become part of a social group and to help you brain, strategize and learn to puzzle solve. For my project I created a board game, created to make you really think and understand people, a game built of truths and lies, allowing you to question your friends and deceive them or be deceived by them. In this piece I have tried to communicate the struggles that young women face in todays society, when it comes to the idea of beauty. I chose to look at this topic as I feel like although we are so aware of how damaging the media can be, we still allow ourselves to connect with it, despite how unhealthy it is for our mental health. Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology has shown that the heart is a sensory organ and sophisticated center for receiving and processing information.

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Each individual neuron can form thousands of links with other neurons in this way, giving a typical brain well over 100 trillion synapses . My reasoning behind this was that DNA is described by scientists as being ‘The Book of Life’. The DNA link my other two ideas on the canvas’ together, the man made aspect and the natural aspect.

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She further said that if someone, in an imaginary situation, had detected the COVID-19 before its spreading out in the world, this is the vision of this project. Using artificial intelligence and open source data available in real-time, EPIWATCH does not need to depend on people to make reports. This could act as a great equalizer and even overcome the weaknesses of health systems and censorships.

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I felt like I could create one using textiles to show that they are important and they aren’t as threating as they are made out to be, and most of all they need our help. I use a range of techniques for this outcome; I wanted to make it look full and exciting, so by doing lots of techniques I could achieve that goal. I used screen-printing for one, screen-printing onto the spiral steps of my sanctuary of bee motifs, this is a visual appearance for people passing by, it shows people what this sanctuary is for, and draws them it to look some more. I also tried crocheting; creating chains so that bees can land on them and pockets to grow flowers out of. That was a technique I self taught myself as I wanted to recreate macramé in my work. But as well as macramé I did embroidery and weaving too, even though I have done these techniques before, I felt like they would suit this project well and link in with the other techniques well.

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First of all, we extracted a realistic INU field map for the T1-w imaging modality, simulated using known spatial varying perturbation of the RF pulse flip angle (Kwan et al., 1999). This map has a smooth spatial profile, reflecting intensity inhomogeneities that are typically observed with lower magnetic field systems, e.g., 1.5 and 3 T MR scanners. The MRI simulator provides an INU field with 20% spatial variation (intensity values between 0.9 and 1.1). For our study, we also generated INU fields with 40 and 80% variation by rescaling the INU profile from the simulator to have values ranging between 0.8 and 1.2 and between 0.6 and 1.4, respectively . The aim of my project was to compare the natural aspect, specifically looking at the body and that which is man made which has been inspired by nature.

These were the questions that I was asking myself, as a result of this I learned new fun ways to recycle and make something useful out of rubbish or unwanted items. The things I have made are practical objects that people use in their day to day life and also interesting room decor such as the broken violin I painted to use as a wall art feature. I created this table as my main piece for the exhibition because it’s the most dramatic change from the before and after. I used different methods to drastically change the appearance of the table, I sanded and varnished the wood to bring out more detail and to give it longevity and durability.

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