7 Tips To Make Staff Augmentation Work

Experience and qualifications are good indicators of the reliability and quality of services in the IT industry. Moreover, office policies and pre-existing loyalties can also hamper their objectivity to provide a fair and impartial opinion. When a company chooses an IT outsourcing vendor, they have to rely on their experience and reputation. However, they are not able to pick an expert who will undertake the assignment. In many cases, employees are working on multiple projects, which can make it difficult for them to properly focus and give their best. Our quick ramp up facilities and global presence can quickly set up the team for you.

  • With IT staff augmentation, the entire task of recruiting falls on the staff augmentation firm.
  • This is because they are directly responsible for the tasks of the augmented staff and their integration with the team.
  • Will the candidate stick with the company after the probationary and training period?
  • Short-term staff augmentation services are used when there is a short-term need for specialists (engineers, developers, testers, etc.), or when in-house specialists are unavailable.
  • Staff augs are able to provide a company with quality services on a short-term basis so that there are no long-term commitments to honor.
  • Staff augmentation helps IT enterprises to cut costs at various levels.

This is because they are directly responsible for the tasks of the augmented staff and their integration with the team. Since companies are familiar with hiring employees, staff augmentation is a temporary shift from what companies do on a normal basis. No one likes to deal with challenges that have such a huge impact on their bottom-line. However, now may be the time to https://globalcloudteam.com/ show your empathy for the leaders in your HR department and offer or agree to a solid solution. Didyou know that staff augmentation is becoming the industry standard to address the IT skills gap challenge? Through staff augmentation corporations are positioning themselves to increase production through network implementation, IT efficiency, and innovative strategies.

In the end, the staffing provider is paying benefit costs, which in turn get factored into the rate quoted to an organization. This misunderstanding can actually lead to paying more out of pocket for augmented staff when full-time employment would have been a more suitable solution. Over half of companies are already tapping into this freelance talent pool, and plan to do more in the future. By eliminating costs while still hiring top talent for specific projects, companies can scale their business faster than if they were to recruit new, full-time employees. This means companies can take on more business and clients without sacrificing the quality of work or spending money on full-time employees.

Staff Augmentation Is A Good Fit For Your Organization If :

To keep staff motivated and consistently productive, it is essential to constantly motivate them by offering help and guidance and giving praise when it is deserved. All employees, even remote augmented staff, want to feel appreciated. Contact me, and I will consult you on the benefits of staff augmentation for you exactly. This is a critical stage when you onboard your team to start the work on the project. The onboarding period involves appointing the project managers setting up the communication channels and management tools.

Sometimes organizations could also be short of resources to complete a given project on time. In such a scenario, hiring permanent staff might accomplish the task at hand, but you will have to end up paying them year round without assigning further tasks with them. There are many reasons why IT companies are looking more and more towards Staff Augmentation. Staff augs are able to provide a company with quality services on a short-term basis so that there are no long-term commitments to honor. And more specifically, an advantage to smaller businesses is that it reduces the necessity to sustain certain things like insurance and taxes.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation

And also the process through which it takes in the talent is devoid of the long hiring process including screening and interviewing. All these avoid over exploitation of time and promotes an unhindered path for acquiring your resources. It gives you a clear picture on your economic dealings while you recruit according to your project requirements.

How Staff Augmentation Works At Cleveroad

One big disadvantage of traditional hiring is a lack of flexibility as full-time employees cannot be fired and hired easily. It becomes a huge problem when a company is dealing with sudden changes, which is often the case in the IT industry. Staff augmentation can be considered a type of subcontracting, but it’s very different from conventional outsourcing. Unlike the latter, staff augmentation provides a higher degree of control over the temporary staff. The first step in the process involves clearly outlining your outsourcing goals.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation

It is estimated that in the US 34% percent of workers engage in freelancing today, and that number is expected to grow steadily over the next decade. One of the most significant trends in today’s business is the dramatic increase in the use of contingent workers across organizations globally. The practice isn’t necessarily modern—it began essentially when administrators outstaff team were borrowed across organizational borders to fill roles temporarily due to vacation, illnesses, and the like. Today, contingent work manifests itself in many working models, the most common being staff augmentation. A talent outsourcing partner can be used to find the talent you need, speed delivery time, deliver expert-level knowledge, and reduce costs.

Businesses in need of temporary staff members will contact the agency and offer a description of the type of employees required. The agency will then research its database of potential employees and put forward the best candidates. Therefore, it is of great importance that businesses give their preferred agencies a detailed description of which skills and experience are required. Once suitable candidates have been chosen, they will be contracted between the business and the agency for a predetermined time and at a certain rate. Also, the scalability staff augmentation solutions give the flexibility to businesses to grow or lower their teams to match the demand.

You Are Short On Deadline

You pick your team from our roster of more than 70 developers, all of whom are at the top of their field in technology, programming languages, and frameworks. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. James Whitehead is not only an ecommerce analyst and a writer mixed into one, but a fervent fan of ecommerce software. Holding a pen in one hand and notepad in the other, this old-fashioned writer covers fresh business developments, particularly inside the digital software space.

If you have a need for permanent staff, hiring is a practical choice. You can control costs and hire individuals who fit your organizational culture. On the surface, staff augmentation may be a good solution, however there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Hence the reason we strongly recommend for you to do your due diligence when it comes to researching your potential vendors.

Keeping these costs in mind, the financial benefit of contracting with augmented staff is quite reasonable and cost-effective. Hiring people always implies legal responsibility and much paperwork. When you use staff augmentation, the outsourcing company acts as the official employer of your developers. Therefore, the outsourcing firm carries all the legal responsibility and handles all the paperwork. The most obvious advantage of remote staff augmentation and dedicated development teams is significant cost savings. First, your future team members will most likely require lower salaries.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation

And because it adds workers to your team, you’re more capable of hitting your deadlines – hell, you can even set up aggressive deadlines and smash them with the help of staff aug. In-house employees are not as threatened by on-site augmentation, as they are by out-sourced options. In fact the level of reception is higher because integration is easier. When a large project outstrips your ability to service it, you have a range of choices to meet the need. Keeps the HR professionals off from setting career paths and other set responsibilities they take up in regard with permanent hires.

How Can It Staff Augmentation Help A Business?

Your tasks will be completed much faster and efficiently since you hired a high-quality team with qualified experts. Workforce augmentation often requires less financial resources than hiring a local specialist. In addition, this approach allows you to assemble entire teams according to your needs and financial capabilities.

You work directly with the programmer, as if they are your in-house employees, handling daily tasks, reporting, and project management. They need to make sure that the candidate is qualified enough to fit in the team, sign some documents, and speed up! This way, they can hire several new specialists working in their team now.

As a result, it is little wonder that staff expansion is becoming increasingly popular with insurance companies of all sizes looking to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Need-based type increases an organization’s workforce in response to a particular need or gap. Location-based type increases an organization’s workforce at one particular location. The delivery of the product is the responsibility of the client and his team. No geographical limitations, as the staff can be augmented with professionals from all over the world.


This is another reason why IT staff augmentation services are beneficial to use. Some hiring managers believe they can circumvent the cost of paying benefits for a full-time employee by hiring augmented staff instead. This is misguided and would be a good reason not to hire augmented staff.

Maintain Control Over Employees

It enables businesses to select just applicants who meet their needs and eliminate or expand their augmented staff. A staff augmentation arrangement can help to meet the demands of an organization in unique ways. Staff augmentation is typically best utilized in shorter-term projects, as opposed to long-term projects, which require months or years to complete.

Identify The Skill Gap In Your Company

With staff augmentation, you do not have to worry about geography as your team is based on-site. In fact, these high-demand IT experts are hard to come by and many businesses have difficulty attracting and retaining in-house staff. Highly Skilled – Highly skilled workers may be required for the completion of important IT projects that require advanced skills, significant training or a specific educational background. Project delivery is the process of outsourcing software development services to a third party. One constant stumbling block for small businesses and start-ups is finding the best ways to scale. Because workflows are constantly changing, even small shifts can end up causing multiple headaches for the entire chain of command.

As a result, staff augmentation and outsourcing are two distinct approaches that can be used to achieve different objectives. In business, the terms staff augmentation and outsourcing are often used interchangeably. However, there are some crucial differences between these two strategies. By augmenting its staff, an organization can more effectively utilize its resources and meet its goals. Our goal is to focus on your software product’s unique requirements, enable teams to learn and integrate the latest tools and languages, and work with your people to develop long-lasting products.

This objective or outsider voice may increase productivity and ideas in the workplace. But sometimes, you may take on a project that actually needs very specific skills which your current team may not have. Expanding your capacity to broaden your skills will contribute to a successful project. Staff augmentation is a solution that is fundamentally flexible and as such ideal for companies that experience regular shifts in demand.

Now, let’s compare using IT staff augmentation services from a Ukrainian company such as CyberCraft. So are all the other costs such as office space, equipment, taxes and so forth. The bottom line is, offshore staff augmentation is a great way to cut down your development costs. While choosing the right partner for your IT-related needs, ensure that you evaluate first your own needs and then the prospective partners. For as is the case with any solution, staff augmentation services may have their own downside.

Staff augmentation allows you to shop around for that individual who can fill your exact need, without committing long term to that skill set. For temporary staff, an ‘outsider’s’ perspective may be useful to a company with ongoing projects. A pair of fresh eyes can illuminate suggestions for improvement to projects or practices that permanent staff may be too engrossed in their work to realize.

Our Company We help customers secure their data, enhance productivity, and grow through strategic technology solutions. Nowadays, IT companies are modernizing the ways they chase for talent. The companies are implementing Benefits Of Staff Augmentation Services to meet the needs of their IT projects.

Appointing effective leadership before taking on a new project is crucial. Micro-management is not necessary, but having someone to offer guidance, provide information and answer questions is a must. These scenarios are just three examples where staff augmentation can be a highly effective hiring solution for businesses. But there are many other times businesses can also benefit from augmenting staff.

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